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Press Release Editorial Guidelines, Before being distributed, all press releases (PRs) are thoroughly reviewed by “Brand Press Release” to verify that they are newsworthy and follow the editorial rules for style, structure, and format. All PRs must contain content that is both newsworthy and non-promotional or deceptive, and must not directly or indirectly sell any product or service.

On “Brand Press Release,” we only publish PRs that match our editorial criteria. A good PR, in the opinion of our editorial staff, must include a clear description of a forthcoming event, a timely report of a recent event, or a statement about your organization, industry, or business community.

What is a Newsworthy Public Relations Campaign?

A press release is a public statement of a significant event in your company that will occur soon or has already occurred recently. A noteworthy PR is one that is timely, relevant, and important to your audience. The title and synopsis must convey the gist of the press release to the reader.

Direct Address is to be avoided

The press release must be written in a formal tone. Avoid using superlatives, jargon, exaggeration, or exclamatory terms. Direct addresses do not fit into the style of a good PR, and they should be limited to quotations from the firm or an official representative.

The Optimal Length

The length should be between 450 and 800 words. Google News will not pick up a press release that is less than 450 words long. Your press release should be free of grammatical and spelling mistakes. Consider giving definitions for industry acronyms so that the typical reader can grasp your content. Mistakes can have a negative impact on your company’s credibility.


You can select to display tagged keywords when you post your release on the site. Search engines and journalists’ RSS feeds pick up these terms. They can include the name of your company, the theme of the release, your industry or sector, or any other pertinent information about the material being disclosed.

Links Embedded

You can include HTML links in the main body of your PR, such as a video file or a website. You can even add a link to an e-mail address, but unlike the e-mail address provided under the built-in contacts tab, it will not be protected by an anti-spam filter.


It is the company’s responsibility to ensure that the information used in the PR is correct and up to date in order to substantiate any professional claims. All PRs mentioning legal action or criminal matters must be accompanied by relevant papers that have been properly referenced and attested by authorized authorities.

Correct Contact Details

On the contacts page, every release submitted for distribution should have a legitimate phone number and e-mail address.


The title should summarize the purpose of the announcement and be brief and to the point. Except for the initial alphabet and any names, brands, or other proper nouns, none of the words in the headline should be capitalized.

Following the headline, a short synopsis of no more than 250 characters must be included, with no links. To be found on search engines, it must include your company’s name as well as keywords. Because the opening paragraph may be the only portion of your release that some people read, it must clearly establish who you are and what you’re announcing.

General Policies Complied

Public relations professionals should not support a business model or activity that is regarded as inappropriate or in conflict with AB Newswire’s overall marketing and business policies. Our specialists will decide whether a PR matches the acceptable industry standards at their own discretion.

No spam

Spam terms are not permitted in PRs. Please refrain from using popular advertising and promotional terms such as ‘Click here or ‘Great business opportunity,’ among others. When promoting your products and/or services, avoid utilizing exclamation marks and caps on certain words.

There is no content that is intended to cause harm

Any text in a press release that is meant to hurt the reputation of an individual, a group, or a corporation is prohibited. The content’s tone and tenor must avoid inciting, promoting, or expressing hatred, as well as bigotry, racism, and unjustifiable violence. The releases must not contain “hate speech,” whether aimed at a person or a group, based on membership in certain classes, such as language, religious affiliation, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, or sex, among others.

We Do Not Allow Press Releases with The Following Content to Be Distributed:

(a) asserts that another party has engaged in illegal or immoral actions,

(b) asserts another party’s violation of contract, or otherwise threatens another party with litigation, or

(c) makes inaccurate or misleading representations about the specified sponsor or any third party, or the identified sponsor’s or third party’s products or services.

1) Adult or nudity content, or content that is relevant.

2) Betting/gambling or content that is relevant.

3) Purchasing social media likes, followers, and views.

4) Hop Links, affiliate marketing links, or comparable websites selling get-rich-quick schemes, FOREX trading, proven/unproven medical alternatives, and regimens (including weight-loss items and nutritional supplements).

5) Malware-related website links have been detected.

6) Parental advisory/explicit notice on music video/audio, podcast, etc.

7) Information about Payday Loans, Credit Scores, Reports, and Ratings

8) Bail Bonds-related content

9) Content that makes disparaging remarks about other businesses.

10) Erectile dysfunction and related issues, as well as breast enhancement/enlargement and massage clinics.

11) Unlock the content on your phone.

  • Marijuana/cannabis/CBD/hemp
  • Crypto Currency or Coins
  • Politics
  • Explosives
  • Guns
  • Weapons
  • Alcohol
  • Illicit Drugs
  • Tobacco
  • Cosmetic procedures and body modification
  • Dating
  • Adult and Sex
  • Sexual reproductive

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