Types of Press Releases


A press release is a written company announcement with all the details for journalists and media outlets to publish the news story.

There is a type of press release for every kind of business announcement that you would ever want to make. Regardless of the type of announcement, there is a press to cater to your marketing needs.

Below is a brief overview of the types of press releases along with helpful examples for your help.

Event press release

An event press release is written to inform the media about an event that the company plans to host, attend, or sponsor. Events that your company could cover include an in-store community event or a charity initiative.

The event press release serves as an invitation for the media to cover the involvement of the business in the event.

In this type of press release, it is important to answer the what, how, when, who, where, and how of the event. Also, provide information on how the public can attend the event.

The best format for an event press release is either an outline, list, or bullets to make all the details easy to read.

Product press release

A product press release is written to let the audience know about the product that has entered your industry. In this type of press release, you need to mention why your product is different from the competitors.

A good approach is to create a list of all the features of your product and cross out the features that your product shares with competitors. Focus on whatever is left on your list. In this way, you can make it different and newsworthy.

A press release announcing a new product should highlight the exciting aspects to make it newsworthy for the media outlets.

New hire press release

A new hire press release is written to announce that your company has hired a new employee. This type of press release typically focuses on high-level executives and acts as a formal announcement to inform the investors, customers, and the general public about the new hire.

This press release includes the name and position of the new hire, and in addition to that, you are required to highlight their professional background as well. In this way, you will be able to describe what they can bring to the company.



New business press release

A new business press release, also known as a business launch press release, announces a business. It indicates why the opening is important to get media coverage.

How it fills the gap within the industry or why it is different from the area competitors are some of the main reasons.

Provide all the important details of your new business opening. Give your company name, location, and date of opening as well. Provide a brief overview of your business and how it is different from competitors.

In the end, don’t forget to hyperlink the name of your company for your readers to find more information.

Partnership press release

If your company has come to a new partnership deal and the papers are signed, so now what is next? Writing a partnership press release is great to announce this big news.

Similar to a rebranding press release, a partnership press release is written to announce the upcoming changes.

This type of press release helps each partner to build relationships with its customer base. And for that, a partnership press release is a great way to excite them.

A partnership press release covers the why what, and how questions. You can also include an executive quote from both parties to provide insight and excitement.

Award press release

The purpose of writing an award press release is to showcase what award your company has won. An award press release is an effective way to spread the news of your achievement.

Although industry awards are rarely publicized, you will have to advertise them yourself for your audience.

For writing an impressive award press release, highlight your achievement and it’s important to try not to be overly promotional. Avoid writing in the emotional language and avoid excessive punctuation. Still, your press release should be objective and showcase your award from a business standpoint.

A good approach is to express your excitement by explaining how this award can set you apart and how this achievement helps you further with your company’s vision.

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