Why You Should Have a Press Release

Press releases have become a vital tool and more important than ever in successfully promoting your business or company. Here you can have an idea about how a press releases’ specific content help investors, customers, potential employees and other target groups learn more about your company. Below we have listed out the main reasons why a business should have a press release.

  1. Establish Relationship with the Media

A press release can be considered as an excellent way to start a dialogue with a reporter. Journalists are inundated with dozens and sometimes hundreds of irrelevant pitches and press releases each week. If you’re reaching out to a reporter with a well-written press release that is relevant to their industry or beat, they will take notice and appreciate it. Even if they can’t cover the topic or product your press release relates to this time, they are more likely to work with you in the future because you’ve established that credibility.

  1. Establish credibility and help you control the narrative

Consistently distributing accurate press releases allows you to build credibility over time with journalists as well as existing and potential customers. It is especially useful for start-ups and growing small businesses to get positive feedbacks about themselves.

Press releases also enable you to drive the narrative around your brand. In addition to publicizing important company information, the press release can be used to mitigate an internal crisis or negative external press. By providing credible facts without spin, you can clarify internal conflict to re-establish a positive brand image and public perception.

  1. Build SEO traffic

A well written and organized press release utilize best SEO practices for search algorithms allows search engines to find, match, index and rank your press release. A high-ranking press release on Google enhanced exposure to customers and prospects. It’s estimated that 89,000 searches are going on every second. So, it’s critical being thoughtful about how you create your press release. Search algorithms are looking for well-written content that naturally incorporates keywords and links.

  1. They can increase customer engagement

Because of online news distributors and the rise in social media, you can get your press release in front of a wider audience even more than you expect. Distributing a well-crafted press release provides the opportunity to rank high in search, catch the attention of current and potential customers, and leads to direct engagement and sharing on social channels. You have the opportunity to reach an untapped audience that you may never have considered before.

  1. Journalists are looking for press releases

Journalists are always on the lookout for a good story, and press releases remain one of their top resources for finding stories. In addition to naming press releases as the most useful resource for getting stories, press releases and news announcements are the types of content the vast majority of journalists looking for press releases from brands.


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